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By: Juli | September 15, 2016

Who do you trust in life? Hopefully your family, your close friends, people you work closely with... But when it comes to trusting someone you don't really know, especially in your home, with your money, with important tasks, even with your safety, how do you know if someone is trustworthy? Here are some pointers to help you decide if you can trust someone with important matters:

  • What is your gut feeling? I have learned to listen to my intuition because even if someone seems very nice and very upfront, I believe if I don't have a good feeling about the person or situation, I should beware and be cautious. There are subtle signs sometimes that only your subconscious can pick up on. "I just don't have a good feeling about this." OK, ...

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By: Juli | July 14, 2016

Why is it so hard to say no? When many of us are already overbooked, overworked, overtired and over stressed, why do we feel compelled to take on even more? Especially when we often resent what we just said yes to.

Maybe the big reason we can't say no is guilt. Maybe it's the fear of what other people will think. Maybe we feel uncomfortable. Maybe we think we can do everything best and it will all fall apart if we don't do it.

I used to have trouble saying no to things people would ask me to do, or join, or plan... And I got tired of feeling annoyed about the extra work I had just taken on. But the uncomfortable-ness of saying no was so overwhelming that if I did say no I would think about it over and over and wonder what that person thought ...

By: Juli | May 08, 2016

Do you remember when we didn't have email and texts and all this newfangled technology? And we waited for the mail to come to see if we got something exciting? Don't get me wrong, I love instant messaging and being able to send correspondence without a stamp, but sometimes it's just so fun to get a real paper note in the mail. My aunt sends me cards and notes quite often. And even though we email a lot, too, I always smile when an envelope from her arrives in the mail.

This has started me thinking that there really are instances when a text or an email just doesn't have the same effect. Taking the time to pick out a card, write it by hand, find a stamp and put it in the mail shows extra effort on the part of the sender. It's easy to shoot of...