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By: Juli | August 17, 2016

Have you noticed how some people always give the perfect gift?  They must spend all day running around town looking everywhere until they find the perfect thing! Or is there an easier way to figure out what someone might like for their birthday, Christmas, wedding, baby...?

  1. First and easiest, give money! If that's not appropriate for the situation...
  2. Look at their registry. If you're looking for a wedding or baby gift, you can't go wrong when buying something they say they want or need. Some stores even have registries for college wish lists and kids' birthday gifts. If the invitation says the person/couple is registered somewhere, use the registry list and pick something from there.
  3. Are you trying to find a gift for the person who already has everything? Sometimes giving them more stuff is just giving them more stuff. So, ask yourself... What do they like to eat? Give candy, flowers, a fruit basket, a side of beef. Where do they like to eat? What do they do for fun? What kind of service could they use? Think outside the box. There is nothing improper about giving a gift card or gift certificate.
  4. At Christmastime, my family has always made lists for Santa. This way everyone gets what they want. Easy. Done.
  5. You want to come up with your own gift idea and you have no idea what. First decide how much money you want to spend. Then ask yourself... What are the person's hobbies?  How do they spend their time? Are they a fashion buff? What store do they shop at most? What brand do they love? Be sure you get a gift receipt to give with the gift. You never know, it may be perfect, but make it easy for the gift to be exchanged.

And there you go. Easy as pie! Well, maybe not, but hopefully these ideas will give you a running start.

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     Wishing you continued success.

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