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By: Juli | August 26, 2016

School has started already! Or finally... depending on your perspective. But either way, getting back into the school routine can be difficult for many families. If you're having trouble getting into the back to school groove, here are some ways to ease the transition:

  1. Plan ahead. Find out what time the bus comes or figure out alternate transportation ahead of time. This way you can begin to plan what time your day needs to start. Work backwards from the time you need to leave the house to figure out what time everyone needs to get up. Leave the house at ______. So that means we need to grab breakfast at ______. And it takes ____ minutes to get ready. So we need to set the alarm for _______. Once you've gotten that set up, you can plan the rest of the day.
  2. Prepare everything in the evening so it's ready to grab and go in the morning. Pick out clothes and shoes and set them out so you don't run around looking for a lost shoe at the last minute. Have homework, permission slips, clothes, etc in the backpack and the backpack sitting by the door ready to grab and go. Set out the cereal or bread so it's handy to grab. Anything that can be done ahead of time, do it. Put a note on the door if there's something else that needs to be remembered that morning.
  3. Get kids to bed earlier. Kids need at least eight hours of sleep, usually more. During the summer they probably stayed up later, so gradually start getting them to bed earlier so they're ready for their early mornings.
  4. Set up an evening schedule that includes time for homework and time for preparing for morning.
  5. Be positive about going back to school. Some kids love it and some kids hate it, so give encouragement and pep talks about what a great year this will be.

With a little planning ahead, you can get your mornings started off right and overcome some of the obstacles that throw life into a tailspin when your family is adjusting to the back to school schedule.

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     Wishing you continued success.

     Juli (Omaha's Girl Friday Concierge)

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