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By: Juli | July 25, 2016

How do you handle your to-do list? Do you keep everything on one list, one app, in your head, lots of little papers flying around...?

If you're like me, you have a never ending list of things running through your head at any given moment. So how do you deal with everything and make sure nothing gets overlooked and forgotten until it's too late?

Here are some of the ways I keep up with everything. I know everyone has there own way of doing things, but maybe one or two of these ideas will help you, too.

  • Write it down as soon as you think of it. Whether it needs to be done now or later, write it on your list. That way you won't have to try to remember what that was that you need to do. "I know it was important and it just went right out of ...

By: Juli | July 14, 2016

Why is it so hard to say no? When many of us are already overbooked, overworked, overtired and over stressed, why do we feel compelled to take on even more? Especially when we often resent what we just said yes to.

Maybe the big reason we can't say no is guilt. Maybe it's the fear of what other people will think. Maybe we feel uncomfortable. Maybe we think we can do everything best and it will all fall apart if we don't do it.

I used to have trouble saying no to things people would ask me to do, or join, or plan... And I got tired of feeling annoyed about the extra work I had just taken on. But the uncomfortable-ness of saying no was so overwhelming that if I did say no I would think about it over and over and wonder what that person thought ...

By: Juli | July 06, 2016

What happened to a paperless society?! If you're anything like me, papers come home with you from every type of appointment you might have, more paper comes everyday in the mail, paper comes home from school, and on and on. So what do you do with all that paper? Here are some tips to organize your mountain of paper so that everything doesn't go to the mountain and stay there:

  1. Throw away, recycle or shred anything that you obviously don't need. Do it right away before it even goes into the pile. Have a bag handy for recycling and have another bag handy for shredding. (You don't even need to shred it yourself. There are free shredding events in Omaha every Spring and sometimes in the Fall.) Now you've gotten rid of some paper stuff and that sh...

By: Juli | June 29, 2016

Do you have a nervous dog during fireworks season? Some dogs are really bothered by all the noise. If your dog acts scared around fireworks noise,  there are some things you can do to ease your pet's stress:

  • Try to keep your pet in an interior room of the house or even the basement, where the noise will be quieter.
  • Keep some background noise, such as the tv or radio, on in the background to cover outdoor noise.
  • Take walks early in the day before fireworks enthusiasts begin their fun. Make sure you keep your dog leashed so that a surprise noise won't make your dog run off.
  • Don't baby your pet when they're afraid. Just act normal and your calm energy may soothe your dog.
  • If all else fails, talk with your vet about a light sedative to help your dog...

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By: Juli | June 21, 2016

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do that you'll never get it all done? Life is always busy, but there are times that literally everything is important and has to be done right now. How do you juggle everything at once without messing up something important and/or losing your mind? Here are some tips that I use when everything is piling up at once. Hopefully some of them will help you, too.

  1. Everything that has to be done is important, but some things are most important. What are those most important things? Write them down and when they need to be done. What are the steps you will need to do to get them done? Write them down in your planner or tell Siri to remind you on the days that each step needs to be taken. If you can get it all...