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By: Juli | October 06, 2016

I wonder what we should have for dinner tonight... Let's see what we have on hand. Hmmm... I don't know, let's just go out to eat. Does that sound familiar? It's the evening routine of many families, because thinking of something to make for supper is almost more work than making it. And when you just come home from work, the stress of dinner planning is often just too much.

So how can we make evening meal planning easier? Here are some ideas:

  1. Plan ahead. On the weekend when the family is together, ask, "So what does everyone want for supper this week?" Make a list of the suggestions and choose meals from the list. Add foods as needed to go along with the meal, i.e. veggies, fruit, bread, yogurt, salad, etc. Write it out and hang...

By: Juli | September 15, 2016

Who do you trust in life? Hopefully your family, your close friends, people you work closely with... But when it comes to trusting someone you don't really know, especially in your home, with your money, with important tasks, even with your safety, how do you know if someone is trustworthy? Here are some pointers to help you decide if you can trust someone with important matters:

  • What is your gut feeling? I have learned to listen to my intuition because even if someone seems very nice and very upfront, I believe if I don't have a good feeling about the person or situation, I should beware and be cautious. There are subtle signs sometimes that only your subconscious can pick up on. "I just don't have a good feeling about this." OK, ...

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By: Juli | August 26, 2016

School has started already! Or finally... depending on your perspective. But either way, getting back into the school routine can be difficult for many families. If you're having trouble getting into the back to school groove, here are some ways to ease the transition:

  1. Plan ahead. Find out what time the bus comes or figure out alternate transportation ahead of time. This way you can begin to plan what time your day needs to start. Work backwards from the time you need to leave the house to figure out what time everyone needs to get up. Leave the house at ______. So that means we need to grab breakfast at ______. And it takes ____ minutes to get ready. So we need to set the alarm for _______. Once you've gotten that set up, you can plan the r...

By: Juli | August 17, 2016

Have you noticed how some people always give the perfect gift?  They must spend all day running around town looking everywhere until they find the perfect thing! Or is there an easier way to figure out what someone might like for their birthday, Christmas, wedding, baby...?

  1. First and easiest, give money! If that's not appropriate for the situation...
  2. Look at their registry. If you're looking for a wedding or baby gift, you can't go wrong when buying something they say they want or need. Some stores even have registries for college wish lists and kids' birthday gifts. If the invitation says the person/couple is registered somewhere, use the registry list and pick something from there.
  3. Are you trying to find a gift for the person who already has...

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By: Juli | August 04, 2016

"What a busy week!" How many times have I heard someone say that?! Everyone has a full plate to deal with. It doesn't matter if you are a business owner, a full-time employee, a stay-at-home parent, a student... most people are busy and the days fill up. So how do you fit in some "ME" time when there's always so much to be done?

  • Plan. If you don't plan some time for yourself, it will never happen. Pick a day and time and schedule it on your calendar. Plan everything else around it, but save that time for yourself. Don't run errands, don't do housework, don't catch up at the office; do something that is fun or relaxing for yourself, even if you just sit and read a book!
  • Say No. We tend to take on too many things that we re...

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